Award Ceremony for the „Schwarzkopf Europe Award“ & “Young European of the Year” 2016

Every year the Schwarzkopf Foundation honors one committed young person who distinguished themselves in an exemplary manner concerning their honorary dedication in the support of international understanding or the integration of Europe, with the „Young European of the Year” Award.

The „Young Europeans“ also honor individuals or civic society organizations, who committed themselves in an outstanding way to a positive development and thegrowing together of Europe.

This year’s award ceremony took place the 14th of November at the representation of the European Commission in Germany with more than 170 guests. After a musical introduction by the syrian singer Anas Maghrebi, the audience was welcomed by Helene Banner, a manager at the representation, and Anne Rolvering, the executive director of the Schwarzkopf Foundation. The “Young European of the Year 2016” was awarded to Adrian Balutel, a young Moldovan, who aims to contribute to building a generation that will be united and educated in the spirit of a European Moldova. The ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Oleg Serebrian, thanked him for his commitment to European values in his laudation.
The „Schwarzkopf Europe Award“ was given to three initiatives this year, who work for the safety of refugees in Europe. The laureates are:

The Inter European Human Aid Association in Germany focuses on the protection of refugees at the EU borders.

The initiative Flüchtlinge Willkommen brings flat shares and refugees together. They provide assistance on questions of co-habitation and financial solutions for private rooms for refugees.

SOS Méditerranée Germany rescues shipwrecked refugees in the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the deployment of a rescue ship.

After the introduction of the award winners and a laudation by the journalist Constantin Schreiber, the initiatives’ representatives discussed their work with him. One point everyone could agree on was that not only many volunteers are needed, but also more financial aid.

With a last song by Anas Maghrebi the evening was concluded.

The following day the representatives of the initiatives joined the Schwarzkopf Foundation trainer team to discuss ideas for participation that two school classes from Potsdam had come up with.