German Federal Elections: Young voters come up with demands

In the election dialogues hosted by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, more than 150 youth have developed political goals and participation ideas towards the upcoming federal elections and beyond.

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Preview: Discussion Events this fall in Berlin

The Berlin-based discussion events are back from the summer break! Most events are in German, but you can always check our events page for discussion taking place in English.

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Election dialogues leading up to German elections

Foto: Steffi Loos

Leading up to the German elections, the Schwarzkopf Foundation is hosting “election dialogues” in Hamburg, Bochum and Berlin. During the events, first-time voters can approach the manifold topics and positions of the elections and have a space to discuss with one another as well as with “experts” from politics and society. Furthermore, European perspectives will be a focus of the events.

About 60 students from ...

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Happy 95th birthday, Inge Deutschkron!

Inge Deutschkron is an author and survivor of the Holocaust. On August 23rd, 2017 she turned 95 years old. The Schwarzkopf Foundation wishes to congratulate her on the occasion of her birthday!

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