International Coordinator Meeting of our Understanding Europe project

A transnational exchange started our February in 2018! 14 young people came together from 14 different European countries for one of two annual coordinator meetings within the project Understanding Europe at the Schwarzkopf Foundation from 2nd to 4th of February. This year we are especially excited to welcome Slovenia as a new project country on board!

During the weekend, the coordinators responsible for organising EU Crash Courses and coaching trainer teams in their countries, worked in different modules. Above all, the exchange between the different countries played a major role. How are the EU Crash Courses running in Spain? How does the seminar material work in Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, Armenia etc.? What are the challenges in the team structures and what feedback do the trainers give? The most varied experiences and tips were exchanged.

In addition to the experiences implementing the EU Crash Courses, the strategic development of the Understanding Europe project and the involvement of trainers and coordinators in the project were on the agenda. This included e.g. the strengthening of bottom-up decision-making structures and the formation of thematic working groups.