Award ceremony for the Margot Friedländer Prize

Award ceremony for the Margot Friedländer Prize
  • Date & Time
    21/03/2017, 18:30
  • Location
    Max Liebermann Haus
  • Guest(s)
    Die Laudatio hält Michael Müller, Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin, Margot Friedlander, Preisträger*innen und Gäste
  • Cooperation
    Berliner Sparkasse, Ernst & Young, im Rahmen des Bundesprogramms „Demokratie leben!“ vom Bundesfamilienministerium

The Margot Friedländer prize will be given out for the third time, honoring two schools from Berlin.

The award ceremony will take place on 21.3.2017. The keynote speech will be given by the mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller.

Two prizes will be awarded in the presence of Margot Friedländer. The first prize in the amount of 5.000 Euros will be given to the students of the Carl-Bosch-Oberschule. Their project, „Moving Sculptures“,  that will take the form of a performance, deals with the euthanasia murders performed by the Nazi regime at the Eichborndamm  238 institution.

The second prize in the amount of 1.700 Euros will be given to students of the Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium. The Project „Sog nit kejnmol“ will research the biographies of Jewish people who lived near the school. The project will end with a yearly commemorative ceremony at platform 17.

The prize will also be given out in 2018. The team at the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung will work on making the prize known throughout Germany.  If you wish to have more information, please go to this link or write the project manager Aya Ruzycki at

Before joining the team at the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung, Ms. Ruzycki worked as a teacher for many years and also gathered extensive experience in the field of political historical education.