The new Bundestag: More discussion – more democracy? With Petra Pau

The new Bundestag: More discussion - more democracy? With Petra Pau

With the parliamentary elections on 24th September 2017, the number of seats in the German Bundestag has risen from 630 delegates from four factions to 709 representatives from six groups. However, as the largest Bundestag in the history of the Federal Republic, the Legislature faces not only a space problem in the plenary hall, but also the question of how the Members will deal with each other.

First conflicts in the Bundestag were already apparent: In the constituent meeting in October could Albrecht Glaser, candidate of the AfD for the post of Vice President of the German Bundestag, not be confirmed after the third ballot. Also in the occupation of committee chairmen there was criticism of the candidate of the third largest opposition.

How is the culture of debate changing in the new parliament? Does more debate in plenary lead to more democratic awareness among citizens? Are there limits to what can be said in a parliament? How is cooperation in committees organized? What are the formal powers of the Bureau of the Bundestag to act against anti-democratic or anti-constitutional processes or statements? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you and Petra Pau.

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