Not one, not two, but three winners for the Margot-Friedländer-Award!!

The decision was hard to make, but we did it! We chose the 3 Award winners for the Margot-Friedländer-Award.

The Margot-Friedländer-Award 2018 was opened to all regions of Germany for the first time and we were very happy to receive applications, not only from all German regions but also from all school types.

The jury chose the following 3 Projects:

  1. Joseph Carlebach School from Hamburg, with the App Project „Nur gemeinsam geht Erinnern-Begegnen-Respektieren“.
  2. Nibelungen School from Braunschweig, Niedersachsen,  with a research project about the history of the Sintis in Braunschweig.
  3. „An Der Mulde“ School from Rochlitz, Sachsen,  with the Project „NEVER AGAIN! – Nie wieder!“.

We are happy for the winners and we look forward to working with them! We are also looking forward to see the results of all the projects that applied for the Award.