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Regarding the UK Referendum

Yesterday the majority of the population in the UK has voted to leave the European Union. We at Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe deeply regret this outcome – it is a sad day for Europe.

For 45 years the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe has been committed to a solidary, open and diverse Europe. With our work we allow young people to get to know Europe and to promote the European idea through platforms for an open and constructive dialogue within Europe.

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New Video: How has the Common European Asylum System evolved?

20 years ago, the Schengen Agreement abolished border controls within Europe. At the same time, they established common rules for the protection and control of the shared outer border. For the first time, shared borders demanded the development of common standards of designating one EU Member States responsible in the asylum process. The EU Member States introduced this with the Dublin Convention, and later regulation. Learn more on how has the Common European Asylum System evolved and discuss with us in our seminars and discussion events from where to go now?

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#Romaday Solidarity with the Sinti and Roma in Europe

On April 8, 2016 we celebrated the International Romani Day with partners from politics, arts and civil society. The Roma and Sinti, Europe’s largest minority, are marginalised and discriminated across the whole continent because of prejudices that have persisted for centuries. The racism towards the Sinti and Roma has reached a new dimension throughout Europe in recent years. You can follow our appeal online:

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