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How to convince the jury of the Margot Friedländer Award of your project idea?

The Margot Friedländer Award promotes young perspectives on remembrance and responsibility and is awarded annually. You can apply till December 1. But how to best best convince the jury with your submitted project idea?

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5 good new reasons to apply for the Margot Friedländer Award 2018

Since this year there are even 5 good reasons more to apply for the Margot Friedländer Award 2018:

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Happy 95th birthday, Inge Deutschkron!

Inge Deutschkron is an author and survivor of the Holocaust. On August 23rd, 2017 she turned 95 years old. The Schwarzkopf Foundation wishes to congratulate her on the occasion of her birthday!

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Online exchange on participation

Asa the German federal elections are coming up, youth are examining various means of participation – because elections are important, but democracy is more than casting your vote every few years.

In an online campaign launched by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, four young people who are involved in diverse ways are portrayed in short videos: How do they do what they do? Which problems do they encounter? Would they do everything the same way again?


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