German Federal Elections: Young voters come up with demands

In the election dialogues hosted by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, more than 150 youth have developed political goals and participation ideas towards the upcoming federal elections and beyond.

“In the future, should more or fewer political questions be dealt with on a European level?” “Should Germany better support EU border states such as Italy, where many refugees arrive?” These and other questions had been answered by the six parties that are likely to be a part of the next Bundestag (CDU/CSU, SPD, Grüne, Linke, FDP, AfD) before the event. Video messages came from Cem Özdemir (head candidate of the Greens), Nicola Beer (Secretary-General of the Liberal Democrats) and Paul Ziemiak (President of the Conservative youth organisation).

The participants were able to assess this during the event and compare their own positions with those of the parties. From this, several demands were quickly conceived of, and were taken into working groups.

Video from Berlin

Video from Bochum

Video from Hamburg

What do the parties have to say to these demands? How do we proceed? Who can change this, and how? And what can we do to make that happen?

This question was particularly central then: How can I as a young person make a concrete contribution towards reaching these goals? In answering this question, the participants were supported by experts: Representatives from parties and party youth organisations, volunteers, activists and other “participation experts” worked with the groups and afterwards responded to questions and demands in a fishbowl discussion.

The election dialogues are held in cooperation with the Stiftung Mercator and the TUI Stiftung as well as with the support of the BMFSFJ within the federal programme “Demokratie leben!”.