5 good new reasons to apply for the Margot Friedländer Award 2018

Since this year there are even 5 good reasons more to apply for the Margot Friedländer Award 2018:

1. The award reaches beyond Berlin and Brandenburg

          • Since launching the Margot Friedländer Award in 2014, the project has encouraged pupils from the 5th grade in Berlin and Brandenburg to explore the history of the Holocaust, its testimonies and to contribute with a young perspective to the future of remembrance and responsibility. (Foto: Wahl-O-Mat, bpb)

            Since 2017 the award is launched nationalwide.

          • 2. Participation from school groups and youth organizations welcome

                    • The award orginally started within schools. Since this year, all school groups stating in the 5th grade and youth initiatives, groups and organizations are welcome to apply.

                    • 3. Already existing projects can apply for their outreach

                              • You already have a good project and you are now looking forward to let others experience from it? Let us know, who you would like to reach with it and how? Is it trough an app or a workshop series you are planning for your peers in town?

                              • 4. Six month to launch the project

                                        • alt=To better fit your calendar and of a whole group, we have shortened the time period to launch the project to 6 months. So set your project goals attainable and smart.

                                        • 4. More mentoring

                                                  • You will be mentored during the whole process from application to implementation. Plus we curate a programme for you, where you can meet with surviving witnesses, historians or alumni of the project.